What is TracBac?

TracBac is a visual collaboration platform for designers and clients to interact over a modern browser. It succeeds in narrowing the gap between designers & clients by providing a rugged and easy to use collaboration platform.

TracBac is web based and does not require installation of any software. A regular PC or Mac with a browser and an Internet connection is all it needs to get going.

TracBac is not just a replacement for the traditional white board; rather it has been built from the ground up as a visual collaboration platform. TracBac’s working model is based on users and not usage. Usage of the platform is unlimited for subscribers. TracBac is designed with designers in mind. Agencies and individual designers can scale it up or down depending on their usage patterns. Amendments posted by the reviewers are channeled to the creator via e-mail and RSS feeds. Similarly, changes to the project based on feedback are also routed to reviewers.

TracBac not just soothes the heartburns, but also rejuvenates the suppressed love beneath the surface, between the client, the annuities and the creator. TracBac helps to work on breakthrough designs & change the world. For our part, we will be happier to be a part of the changing world.

Sign up for the invitation

As you aware, we are still tweaking the application. We will be opening up TracBac for select invites initially. Sign up here for your turn.

Browser Support

Windows: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome

Mac: Mozilla Firefox, Camino, Opera, Safari (with few bugs & issues)