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Enabling Creators. Empowering Clients. Enhancing Productivity.

What is TracBac ?

TracBac is an online, web based application to share, comment, interact, revise, collaborate, exchange your creative works with your clients. TracBac allows for complete design collaboration from design to deliver, everything online. With integrated features like Audio notes, Post-IT notes, visual tools for marking & reviewing, IM integration, Instant email alerts, clients have the power in their hands to review things faster and better. This results in clear, sharper and better reviewing, reducing ambiguities and confusions. More clearer reviews will help creators to redesign and finish the work faster.

With TracBac, Creators have more time to work on multiple projects. Clients have simpler, yet powerful tools to collaborate and inform creators what they require.

For Creators

  • Share your creative
  • Add/Del – Clients & Reviewers
  • Upload and track your revisions
  • Manage multiple campaigns with multiple revisions
  • Provide your reviewer advanced collaboration via IM, Audio notes
  • Get Email Alerts
  • Track your RSS feeds for revisions

For Clients

  • Comment using visual tools
  • Collaborate via Post-IT notes, Audio notes, Copy editing
  • Work with a digital whiteboard
  • Get Email notifications for subsequent versions/revisions
  • Collaborate instantly via IM options
  • Review without ambiguity