One App. One hundred ways of using it.

Right brain, Pencil, Paper, Photoshop & TracBac

For Advertising Agencies

With the never ending process of getting corrections and approvals, the agencies will find this tool more than a need. TracBac reduces cost of operation with effective of use of technologies for enhancing user experience, at their time convenience. Agencies will find TracBac’s version tracking and archiving features, come in very handy in offering the best solution to their clients. Once used to the Tracbac experience they will never go back.

For Freelancers / Designers

Freelancers and Design Houses can now operate without any geographical limitations. As everything is web based, sharing and interacting with clients is no longer an issue. With minimum resources they can maximize their output. TracBac will help them reduce the time spent on iterations, effecting the corrections and deliver faster.

For Architects

With the option of uploading multiple format, sharing and getting their designs reviewed and approved becomes very easy now with TracBac. Enabling indepth viewing of various components of the architectural designs, the Architects can interact better with their clients to get their inputs and adapt in their designs. And deliver the final layout faster than before. The version tracking and archiving will also be a very useful feature for Architects.

For Web Designers

TracBac helps web designers to invite their clients and reviewers to have the exact feel of their designs. By enabling their clients to share, comment, interact, revise, collaborate on the designs over the web, designers will be able to act on to it immediately. And deliver faster. Comparing and evaluating the designs over the medium its deployed is the best way to judge and TracBac exactly does that.